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Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

Compulsive Hair Pulling - How to Stop Compulsive Hair Pulling Permanently

Trichotillomania is commonly defined as a kind of baldness or hair loss caused by the constant pulling or twisting of the hair until it loses its strength and breaks off. This act is said to be compulsive and obsessive that it triggers a Trichotillomaniac to pull his or her hair repetitively for the sense that it feels good, the reason that trichotillomania is known worldwide as an obsessive compulsive-disorder.

Numerous researches have noted that trichotillomania does not only cover the act of pulling ones hair on the head. the truth of the matter is, it involves the act of pulling someone's beard, eyebrows, eyelashes and even pubic hairs. This is highly common in women, but men are also effected.

Trichotillomania usually begins during puberty and occurs more often in girls than boys, although it can be seen at any age and sex. It was thought that the condition occurs in only 1 to 3 percent of the population, and although new research suggests that the actual rate may be 10 percent or higher.

Most trichotillomania suffers have embarrassment, frustration, shame, and depression about the condition and one of the worst things is that most people never want to share this condition with anyone and denial of the condition is very common.

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